Transforming trauma into triumph

A day in the life

Within the residential children’s industry, the commonness of mental health issues and anxiety among young individuals stands as a significant challenge.  However, when care is given from a person-centred approach and innovative solutions are implemented, over time this can change the narrative. As it has done for this resilient 16-year-old who has overcome hardships, and with the support of a consistent care team to help develop healthy coping strategies, it has been nothing short of inspiring, as we look back on the proud journey she has been on.

Upon coming to Bluestones Medical Complex Care, this young person faced difficult barriers, including trauma and anxiety. Her struggles underscore the pervasive nature of mental health challenges among young individuals in residential settings, a reality that demands a collaborative effort to provide holistic support and intervention.

Go Ape

Over the course of the past 14 months, her journey through our progressive SEED care model has been remarkable.  Although there have been challenging times, it is a testament to a consistent approach and encouragement of hope and change for the future, as we reflect on this journey. In the last month alone, her progress has been something we should all admire and take lessons and inspiration from.

Central to her journey of healing, is her bond with Thumper, her beloved pet rabbit. As a therapeutic companion, Thumper provides comfort and solace during moments of distress, serving as a tangible reminder of love and connection.


The recent enrolment in the RAF cadets stands as a clear example of her growth and determination to pursue her dreams in aviation.  It has been an ongoing ambition to enrol in the cadets and now to have started on this path, that would have seemed impossible months ago, is brilliant to see.

From day 1 at the air base, seeing the aircrafts and the uniforms made her face light up in excitement and anticipation.  What would have been a situation to step back in fear of unknown situations, now this young person is eager to find out more and continue learning and feels confident in herself to take on new challenges and seeing them from a positive perspective.

After meeting other young cadets who were also excited about the opportunity and then getting a taste for the disciplined drills and confident cadets showed her what she could achieve and is excited for adventures and fun with her new squad.

One of the most notable aspects of this young person’s transformation lies in her ability to engage within the community independently. Whether attending appointments or exploring new opportunities, she navigates the world with confidence and self-assurance.  These small steps all add up to achieving big goals.

The discovery of independence and confidence is evident in her daily activities and accomplishments. Now she has overcome boundaries there is so much on the horizon, from making new friends, to mastering household chores with ease, to being well on her way to an independent young adult.  With each stage of progress, it is important to encourage and promote positive behaviour, and recently this has proven just that with another milestone of being in full time education.  We can all understand how nerve wracking attending a new school can be and this young person has gradually built up her attendance to 5 days a week, which is not only benefiting her education but also socialising skills and being able to realise her potential and new passions in life.


It is crucial to recognise the dedicated efforts of the staff team, whose support and guidance have been instrumental in her transformation. Their commitment to excellence and compassion underscores the importance of a supportive and nurturing environment in fostering positive outcomes for young individuals in residential care, just like our young person here.

As we reflect on this amazing and inspirational journey, we are reminded of the potential for growth and healing within each individual. Her story serves as a reminder of the impact of comprehensive support, and dedication to supporting constant personal development in the residential children’s industry.

* At Bluestones Medical Complex Care we ensure we have consent from the people in our care to share their stories and any images they approve of.

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