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through stability, enrichment, education and development

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Our goal is to give the people in our care hope for their future, despite their complexities.

We implement person-led care packages, whilst ensuring that any clinical requirements are met at all times. We tailor our care packages to meet the needs of an individual, allowing them to hit their developmental milestones, plan for their future, and set them up for success as they enter adulthood.

Our teams understand the importance of adhering to the regulatory requirements and are committed to going above and beyond what is expected. As a result, we can deliver the highest standard of exemplary care.

At our residential children’s homes, we recognise that each child is on their own unique journey. That’s why we’ve developed a new model called SEED, to guide our staff in providing personalised care tailored to enable the progress of each child.

With this compassionate SEED model centered around understanding each child’s individual needs, our caring staff can effectively help children progress on their personal journeys.

Discover our SEED pathway through Marvin’s journey

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Education and life skills for our young people

Our Greenhouse provides a range of suitable online learning resources and opportunities for the people we work with and the young people in our care.  We want to enable personal development at a pace that’s tailored for individual ability levels along with core subjects like Maths & English.

Our houses

Nestled amidst the vibrant town of Deeside, CIW registered children’s care home Daisy House is a place of hope and healing …..

Rose House is an OFSTED registered supported living home located in the accessible village of Blacon, Chester ….

Tucked away in the heart of the picturesque countryside of North Wales, Sunflower House is a large, CIW registered children’s care home ….

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