Impact and Wellbeing Newsletter – Feb 2024

The month of February was a whirlwind of excitement and personal growth for our young people and staff at Bluestones Medical Complex Care. From exploring the paranormal to securing rewarding employment opportunities, our community truly embraced the spirit of trying new things.

Some of our adventurous houses decided to investigate the supernatural realm, indulging in paranormal activity experiences that left them both thrilled and perhaps a little spooked! Meanwhile, others hit major milestones by landing a job at McDonald’s and taking their first steps into the professional world.

Fitness and self-improvement were also on the agenda, with several individuals discovering a passion for the gym and the exhilarating sport of MMA. 

Amidst all the exciting developments, we also have some outstanding achievements to recognise and a new Operations Manager to welcome. 


Impact and wellbeing newsletter

Impactful Activites

Impact and wellbeing newsletter

Daisy House

A recent trip to Breakout in Chester proved to be an unexpected adventure for this young person. Initially hesitant, he gradually became immersed in the challenge, aided by the encouragement of his dedicated carers. As he started to get a feel for the surroundings and the strategic clues dotted about rooms, he enthusiastically contributed to helping his team “break out” forming a great bonding experience that strengthened the already blossoming positive relationships.

Physical fitness has also become a newfound passion for this young person. He has embraced attending a gym alongside his care team, driven by a desire to improve his overall health and well-being. Additionally, he has recently started MMA lessons in the local area, exploring new hobbies and developing valuable skills that promote his mental and physical wellness while boosting his self-confidence.

Daffodil House

Daffodil house have been thoroughly enjoying their visits to the ice skating rink this month and we have been following this young person’s delightful journey along with the staff’s attempt to get better on the ice. 

This young person’s skating abilities have hugely improved and she has eagerly involved her care team, resulting in an hilarious bonding experience as some excel while others struggle on the ice. This dedication has earned her a cherished gift – her own pair of ice skates, fueling her passion even further. The ice rink has been a great way to offer a therapeutic escape, allowing her to skate independently, surrounded by other young skaters.

Baking has also become a  latest passion for this young person, and this month she indulged in creating a cake to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We are not a stranger to the creative mind of this young person and baking is just another brilliant way for her to  express emotions and create visually appealing and tasty treats through the art of confection. Not satisfied with her initial attempt, her determination led her to bake a second cake that met her high standards. This experience not only showcased her culinary skills but also highlighted her need for perfectionism, traits that will undoubtedly serve her well in all aspects of life.

Poppy House

Poppy house has reached a huge milestone to celebrate this month, with this young person being offered his first job at McDonalds!!  His determination to earn a wage led him to explore job opportunities upon turning 16. His sights were set on McDonald’s, and with the support of his care team, he diligently prepared for the interview process.

This preparation proved invaluable, as he impressed the Manager during the interview, receiving extremely positive feedback and ultimately securing a position as a Crew Member – a milestone he enthusiastically embraced.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement, accompanied by his care team, house manager and friends, he ventured out for a celebratory outing. At Dolchi the desert restaurant, his chosen destination, he savored pancakes and a mocktail while proudly sharing his exciting news with everyone.

Impact and wellbeing newsletter

Lilac House

Adventure beckoned as Lilac house embarked on an exhilarating day at Zip World Valley. The young person embraced the experience, engaging with her team throughout the various activities and rides. Her enthusiasm shone as she listened attentively to the instructors, eager to participate and operate the forest coaster. Afterward, the young person and her care team ventured to a waterfall and village, tucking into a delightful lunch and making the most of this memorable day out.

This young person has a real  thirst for knowledge which led her on another captivating journey to the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Center. There, she participated in a guided tour through a section of the intricate tunnel network, learning about the remarkable Joseph Williamson and the tunnels’ rich history. With a keen interest in local history, she was enthralled by the stories and insights into Liverpool’s transportation system in the 1900s. The tour not only refreshed her existing knowledge but also expanded her understanding of this fascinating piece of heritage.

Lily House

Not for the faint hearted, Lily house ventured out to an unforgettable paranormal experience evening to face the unknown. This was not only a new and exciting activity due to the ghouls and ghosts but due to the great news that this young person had recently came off her DoL’s (which has been an important goal for this young person) has meant she could mark her first overnight stay outside of her home in this haunted house.  Delving into the rich history of the building and immersing herself in hands-on paranormal activities, it was a truly thrilling and enlightening adventure.

Another great achievement for this young person was in the form of enrolling in the local RAF cadets,  fueled by her aspirations to become a pilot. This opportunity offers her a valuable glimpse into the expectations and demands of her future goals. Moreover, it provides a platform for developing social skills by connecting with like-minded peers who share her interests. As she navigates her training, she will not only acquire the necessary physical and academic skills but also cultivate discipline, self-control, character, and self-confidence.

Celebrating the magic in our staff

Celebrating the magic within our team is a source of immense pride so we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sian, our Compliance Manager, for passing her Level 3 in Team Leadership/Supervision, and to Niall, our Team Leader for Resourcing and Recruitment, for his unwavering dedication over the past decade. They both deserve recognition for doing such an outstanding job, along side gaining extra qualifications and showing loyalty and passion for so many years.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the promotion of our new Operations Manager, an individual who has risen through the ranks, seizing every opportunity with open arms. This promotion is a well-deserved recognition of their hard work and dedication.  You can find out more about Carl’s journey in complex care via the link below.

Together we are better

Thank you to everyone who made this past month so uplifting for our young people and staff alike. From paranormal adventures and ice skating outings to securing rewarding job opportunities and embracing new hobbies like baking and boxing, we celebrated personal growth and milestones together. We’re grateful every day for each person who lends their passion, care and magic to make Bluestones Medical Complex Care.

Here’s to another month ahead filled with progress, possibility and cherished moments!

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