From volunteer to Operations Manager

The Inspiring Career Progression

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Carl Aldred has been promoted to Operation Manger for Bluestones Medical Complex Care. Carl’s journey with us has been truly remarkable with his passion for caring for others, willingness to learn, and drive to provide the best care has fuelled an inspiring career progression with Bluestones Medical Complex Care. 


Carl first got a taste for working within complex care during a volunteer placement in North Africa at an orphanage caring for children with complex needs. This was whilst working and studying 9-to-5 in accountancy. From that experience, he caught the ‘bug’ of wanting to devote his career to helping people and left the accountancy world behind.  He then took on a full time career within the complex care industry around 7 years ago, starting as a support worker in supported living and residential care homes.  He then quickly worked his way through the ranks as a Deputy House Manager and a Crisis Team Leader.

Operations Manager
Bluestones Medical Complex Care

Carl came to Bluestones Medical Complex Care as a House Manager and he quickly demonstrated empathy, care and strong leadership abilities. As he progressed within the company, Carl pursued further education and training to continue advancing his skills. We supported him in gaining his Level 3, 4 and 5 qualifications in order for him to fulfil the positions.

Most recently, Carl served as the Mobilisation Manager. In all his roles, he ensured all young people in our care felt heard and listened to when making the move to Bluestones Medical Complex Care and that all houses had a person-centred approach to their care plans to drive change and results.  Known for rolling up his sleeves to pitch in alongside his teams, Carl leads by example with knowledge, initiative and dedication.

Now, Carl brings this wealth of experience to an Operations Manager position overseeing all of our homes to optimise processes and workflows to drive efficiency and productivity across the services. He will collaborate with diverse teams to continue improving our standards of compassionate, person-centred care. Having walked in the shoes of frontline caregivers, Carl understands exactly how to bolster spirits, remove roadblocks and empower employees to succeed.

As one colleague said:

“Carl brings out excellence in everyone by embracing our shared mission of caring while also pushing us to grow. His promotion is so well-deserved.”

We couldn’t agree more! Carl represents the best of Bluestones Medical Complex Care and we can’t wait to see the new heights he’ll help our organisation reach.

We believe there is magic in everyone and we as a company make it our mission to draw out the inner magic by providing fulfilling opportunities to learn and grow within our compassionate care community.

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