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Welcome to Bluestones Medical Complex Care, Riley! We want this place to feel fun and welcoming as you start your new chapter with us. This your own ‘Make Yourself At Home’ page that you can get all sorts of information on such as where it is located, what’s around, your care team and you can also ask us questions and start personalising your room just how you like it. What color should we paint the walls? What posters or pictures scream YOU? Let’s design a space that’s truly yours.

Ask us questions anytime and share what you’re into so we can get you in a house you love!

We can’t wait to see the ideas you bring. This is your place to call home, so tell us how to make it feel like one!

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Start designing your room

Think of your new room like a blank canvas that you can design yourself.  We can created a 3D version of your new bedroom and want you to tell us how you would like it to look, with colours on the walls, where you want your bed to go, what type of curtains you would like….  the floor is yours… literally.

To help you along your way, we have come up with a little quiz to give you inspiration and then you can write in the comment box what you would like to change.  We will then go back to the drawing board and re-design your room.

Design your house

Using the questions, tell us more about how you would like your bedroom to look and feel and to get ideas f what you would like.

What is you style?
Which color scheme appeals to you most?
How much clutter do you like?
What's your priority for your room?
Pick an accent feature wall
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