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The Marvel of the Month award is a monthly nomination where we acknowledge and appreciate our colleagues that go above and beyond. As a leading care provider, we embody the 4 C’s and this award is to nominate people that you feel has shown the qualities within one or more of the below:

  • Communication: is the exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, and feelings through verbal and non-verbal means. It fosters understanding, trust, and meaningful connections, enabling individuals and teams to work together effectively and achieve common goals.
  • Collaboration: is the act of working together towards a shared objective. It involves combining diverse perspectives, skills and resources to create something greater than what could be achieved individually. Effective collaboration promotes innovation, problem-solving and shared success through open communication, mutual respect and a commitment to a common vision.
  • Cooperation: is the process of working together harmoniously to achieve a common goal. It involves coordinating efforts, sharing responsibilities and supporting one another. Cooperation promotes a positive and productive environment, where individuals prioritize collective success over individual agendas, leading to stronger relationships and better outcomes.
  • Celebration: is the act of recognising and honouring achievements, milestones, or significant events. It involves expressing joy, gratitude, and appreciation through various forms, such as gatherings, ceremonies, or personal expressions. Celebrating promotes a sense of pride, boosts morale, and strengthens bonds, reinforcing the value of collective efforts and successes.

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BSMCC - Marvel of the Month Award

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Cast your vote for who you think deserves to win this month's Bluestones Medical Complex Care Marvel of the Month award. The Marvel of the Month can win a potential of £150 worth of vouchers subject to terms and conditions.**

When casting your vote, you should consider

  • A person that has gone above and beyond their job description
  • A person who has achieved great things
  • A person who has overcome a difficult obstacle
  • A person that has inspired and supported the performance and achievement of others
  • A person that has supported our young people to achieve a new milestone
  • A person who has gone out of their way to help you or another team member
Which, out of the 4 C's, is the reason you are picking this individual (pick as many as you want)
Please give the name of the individual you would like to nominate as your Bluestones Medical Complex Care Marvel of the month(Required)
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