Impact and Wellbeing Newsletter – Jan 2024

Welcome to the January 2024 edition of the Impact and Wellbeing newsletter! We’re thrilled to kick off the new year by highlighting some of the inspiring impact activities happening across our houses. Residents participated in meaningful arts and crafts workshops, creating handmade items and bonding with others along with individual achievements.

We also welcomed a special guest entrepreneur, who served her scrumptious goodies from the Giddy Goat Cafe with assistance from staff in our own Lily’s Kitchen. This visit reminded us that when barriers are removed, people can achieve great things. 

Impact and Wellbeing Jan 2024

Impactful Activites


Sunflower House

Sunflower House has been attending weekly skiing lessons and one young person has particularly excelled, even surpassing staff skill levels.

This young woman challenged herself to move from the beginner slopes up to the most advanced black diamond courses. She persevered through early falls and frustrations to ultimately succeed in conquering the intimidating giant slalom.

Her grit and determination in sticking to each lesson led to immense personal accomplishment and growth. She demonstrated incredible resilience and mental fortitude in the face of difficulties on the road to victory.  She’s certainly earned bragging rights for her giant progress in such a short time skiing!

Lily House

One young person recently had a heartwarming photoshoot with her beloved pet rabbit, Babi. They have shared a special bond ever since Babi arrived at her Bluestones residence. Capturing touching photos of them snuggling and playing together will create lifelong keepsakes immortalising this special human-animal friendship.

These joyful memories will be a meaningful reflection of her time thriving with compassionate support and community through Bluestones. We know both she and Babi will treasure these photographs as a symbolic representation of personal growth, nurturing relationships, and fond memories made during her time here.

Daisy House

This month, one of our young people achieved two awesome personal goals—conquering both Moel Famau mountain and indoor skydiving! He enthusiastically raced his staff members up the steep summit trail and was thrilled to be the first one to reach the top. His pride and sense of triumph were visible as he relished the gorgeous views after exerting so much effort hiking uphill.

Later, he bravely took on the extreme sport of indoor skydiving, overcoming initial apprehension to ultimately smile widely throughout the intense experience. With these thrilling adventures, this young person demonstrated amazing progression in self-confidence, resilience, willingness to try new activities, and ability to push personal limits.

Together we are better

Last week, Lilac House, Sunflower House, and Daffodil House enjoyed an epic bonding experience during Deeside Ice Arena’s fun-filled Ice Disco & Club Nights event. Gliding and dancing together across the frosty disco floor brought lots of laughter and cemented friendships between the houses.

From glow-in-the-dark foam parties to special themed dances, there was exciting entertainment for all. This lively on-ice event served as a wonderful ice-breaker activity, as residents mingled amongst dazzling lights. It was heartwarming to see everyone come together as one unified, smiling Bluestones team. The memories made whirling together to upbeat music will certainly carry on beyond that chilly night of dancing and skating delights!

Arts and Crafts Day

The recent Arts and Crafts session allowed our young people to reap educational benefits across several domains. From designing and assembling artistic keyrings, participants enhanced fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, to self-expression in a safe space for creativity with a brilliant poem being written by one young person (see below). Overcoming obstacles during the hands-on building process encouraged critical thinking and to unleash their creativity.

Sharing ideas and offering support facilitated communication and mutual understanding between the young people. Beyond individual growth, the collaborative nature of the creative project bonded participants through teamwork. Young people assisted each other, exchanged constructive feedback, celebrated achievements, and created an encouraging atmosphere.

Working together towards a common goal strengthened interpersonal connections and camaraderie. Ultimately, through a well structured day with others, this session enabled personal growth, communication and social skills along with relationship building.  The creativity and connections cultivated will have lasting impacts.

In Chester Town, where dreams unfold,
Bluestones stands, a haven to behold.

Founded by Trish and Darren, and Linda so true.
With values that shimmer, like morning drew.

Marvin the mascot, with a heart so wide,
Guiding its way in Chester stride.

Accountability, humility, and innovation too,
Bluestones’ essence, in the morning dew.

Bluestones, a home where hope takes flight,
In Lilac, Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower, and Lily light.

Daffodil House, the crown jewel so grand,
A sanctuary of care, across the land.

In the embrace of passion, team, and trust,
Bluestones’ heartbeat, pure and robust.

Children from all backgrounds, a diverse array,
Welcomed with warmth, in Chester they’ll stay.

Homes stand strong like pillars of grace,
Each one a chapter, in this caring space.

From Lilac’s whispers to Daffodil’s bloom,
Bluestones’ love transcends the room.

Bluestones, a home where hope takes flight,
In Lilac, Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower, and Lily light.

Daffodil House, the crown jewel so grand,
A sanctuary of care, across the land.

Through accountability’s gaze and humility embrace,
Innovation’s dance and passions grace.

Teamwork’s melody, a trust so pure,
Bluestones’ anthem, forever endure.

Children arrive, each with a story untold,
Bluestones whispers hope, a hand to hold.

In Lilac’s calm and Poppy’s cheer,
Sunflower’s warmth and Lily’s peer.

Daffodil House, where dreams find a home,
In Chester’s embrace, no child walks alone.

Values woven in every brick and bream,
Bluestones, a refuge, like a comforting dream.

Bluestones, a home where hope takes flight,
In Lilac, Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower, and Lily light.

Daffodil House, the crown jewel so grand,
A sanctuary of care, across the land.

So here’s to Bluestones, a beacon so bright,
In Chester heart, where love takes flight.

With Marvin by their side, in the evening’s hue,
Bluestones, a promise of hope anew.

Arts and crafts day

Alan Sugar's Next Apprentice?

Lily’s new on-site kitchen recently became a hub of delicious activity thanks to one clever young entrepreneur! She developed food menus, then took orders and organised incoming ingredients whilst cost managing her operation. Our rising star chef smiled while preparing multiple meals for various Bluestones staff.

Despite the stress of large-scale catering, she maintained a positive attitude, even when overwhelmed, channeling any frustration into focused productivity. Her beautiful plating, prompt service, and personal thank-you cards earned rave reviews all around!

Seeing this young woman thrive brought us such joy. Where previously kitchen chaos quickly triggered negative reactions, this time she confidently managed her emotions, asked for help when needed, and shined under pressure. From designing her professional-looking menus to time management, she clearly leveled up personal and vocational skills too. We noticed a new confidence boost as well, her pride in achievements outshone a few small hiccups. What a pleasure to witness such growth firsthand! 

Alan Sugar had best watch his back… she’s clearly the next Apprentice star budding in our midst!


Imagine waking up from an overnight shift, heading bleary-eyed to the shower, and then realising you forgot your wash bag at home! We’ve all been there. The little frustrations can quickly pile up when you’re working long hours supporting others.

That’s why this month, the Impact & Wellbeing Team put together special his and hers pampering hampers for each house’s hardworking staff. These thoughtful baskets serve as a small but meaningful way to say thank you for all you do.

Inside, you’ll find shower saviors like shampoo, fluffy towels, deodorant and more comfort items—everything you could need for a refreshing reset after a taxing shift. Even simple self-care supplies can make a world of stress-relieving difference.

The idea stemmed from a Tulip House support worker, so an extra shout out there for this morale-lifting suggestion! Please enjoy recharging with these little luxuries. As always, we welcome more recommendations on how to better support our teams in the future as well!

Thank you to everyone who made this past month so uplifting for our young people and staff alike. From adventurous activities to hands-on training to surprise staff appreciation gestures, we shared lots of smiles together. We’re grateful every day for each person who lends their passion, care, and community spirit to make Bluestones Medical Complex Care such a special place for personal growth and human connection. 

Here’s to another month ahead filled with progress, possibility, and cherished moments!

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